26 February 2013    

Karakoram has made ​​some innovations on their splitboard binding setup. As before, there is the Karakoram Split 30 and the SL with usual and carbon highback.

The sidewalls of the Karakoram bindings are further pulled up in order to optimize the edge grip on the rise. The Forwardlean can be set in 8 ° negative direction in order to increase comfort during ascent. New ratchets make the binding even slimmer, so a rubbing while splitting is prevented. Moreover, they have been further strengthened. For the Karakoram SL splitboard binding, there is the Flex Lock available. It promises more edge grip at the ascent and can easily be unlocked in the descent, in order to have more flexibility.

We've also had the opportunity to try the Split 30, the best is the connection between the board halves. A board with Karakoram connectors and the Karakoram splitboard binding is defenitly like a solid (one-piece) Board. More information is available in our video. So, enjoy watching it.