06 February 2013    

We visited the ISPO 2013 to bring you all about the newest splitboard gear for the upcoming season 13/14. For now just a short overview, you'll find detailed news following the links. 

As previously reported, we already had the chance to test some of the new stuff live in the snow´.


What's new for winter 2013/2014:

  • Elan's Splitboard premiere of the Waverider Splitboard
  • K2 Ultra Split with Kwicker Step-In System
  • K2 Nothern Lite Splitboard for women
  • Rome SDS Whiteroom with Swallow Tail
  • Völkl Cashew Split with SkinPin System at the Tail, additional length 155 cm.
  • Rossignol Xavier De Le Rue Pro Model Splitboard (Experience)
  • Salomon comes up with three models, Sickstick, Rancho,...
  • Nitro brings the Thunder Splitboard
  • Burton presents the Landlord Splitboard with special binding feature for Spark Magneto and for the girls, the Anti Social Splitboard.
  • Splitsticks won the ISPO Award.
  • Gara shows a complete Splitboard Series with a very lightweight model.
  • An exotic round here: The Fawcett Splitboard with reverse Sidecut just for Pow.
  • Jones comes up with the Ultracraft. The Splitboard with the right weight, as Jeremy says.
  • Never Summer brings the Prospector
  • and Goodboards the Legends 175cm, a Splitboard with a precious real wood topsheet..

Arbor, Gnu, Lib Tech and Roxy have, apart from a fresh design, made no changes.


Deeluxe has added up two splitboard boots and comes in addition to the Spark XV with the Independent BC with classic lacing and the Spark Summit, a high-end all-leather boot.

There are many news about splitboard bindings, a lot has changed.
Spark R&D has scrapped the Edison interface and presents the new Magneto, increasing comfort during changeover again. The climbing aids are now integrated into the binding and not as previously on the board. The crampon attachment is new and promises ease of use and enhanced security.

SP launches their first splitboard binding. The Voile Slider was integrated directly into the binding plate. The Fastec version of the SP also offers a convenient rear entrance. The crampons solution is well designed to fit and disassemble the crampons without having to remove the binding from the board.

Stay tuned!