First Impression Freebird 2014, Spark R&D Magneto Binding

Splitters and Touring-Skiers are on a similar wave

We have tried the Burton Freebird Splitboard 2014 with the new channel system and the Spark Magneto Bindings.

Here is the brief report and the First Impression. The combination of the Burton Channel System with the special Voile pucks and the Spark Magneto Binding is something previously not seen. The stance can be adapted really quick and the board is ready to split in a few minutes. So we had time to plan the route for the next day at -20 ° Celsius.

The best way to check out the features of both, the Splitboard and the Splitboard Binding is a little video. So we made three to present you the latest... enjoy.

  1. Realtime Stance Adjustment of the Burton Freebird with Channel system, the special Voile pucks and the Spark R & D binding Tesla Magneto.
  2. Riding Fun in untracked POW. Check it out.
  3. Third Changeover of Tesla Magneto Spark 2014 in realtime at the top (unfortunately the sound is very quiet because we did not take the camera out of its protective box, but anyway you can see the easy handling).

Our First Impression on the Burton Freebird Split 2014: On the ascent it has relatively good edge grip by the S-Rocker as well as traction. In combination with the Spark Magneto it's pretty light weight. Riding, it is very agile and keeps the nose usually above the powder. Its maneuverability makes it fun in open terrain and treeruns. The relatively soft flex makes it very smooth in riding POW.

First Impression Spark R & D Tesla Magneto: Super easy to use, good connection to the board, very light weight. If you like it, please do not forget to share the info, thank you.

Realtime Stance Adjustment with the Burton Channel System and Spark R&D Magneto:


Riding Fun in untracked POW:


Change-Over with Spark R&D Tesla Magneto:



ich lege mir diese Kombination zu. Welche Felle könnt ihr für das Freebird empfehlen?


Stance angle

Nice review. Any idéa about max stance angle with Tesla and Burton dual channels. Physics should restrict this pretty early or?

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Stance Angle Spark Magneto / Burton Channel

Hi JAndersB, the maximum angle is 30 and -30 with the Burton Channelsystem and the Spark Tesla Binding.


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Compare with Landlord


how does it compares to the Landlord ?

And the bindings, is it worth waiting for these, or the magneto are similar?

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freebird compared to the landlord

Actually the borads are very similar, the landlord is a bit stiffer, so it is more easy to hike advanced ascents, also it can be ridden faster, but it is not that smooth in pow. If I should choose, I would take the Landlord becaus I like stiffer boards. When the are well tuned they are ridable more exactly and get better grip in hard conditions.

The Burton binding is very similar to the Spark, only the Highback are different, the Spark Magneto is still a bitt lighter.


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freebird compared to the landlord


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